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Bespoke Jewellery Since 1991

Crafting the world’s finest jewels

We welcome our clients to bring inspirations and creativity to our design team and will assist them to become their own designers.


We source from different parts of the world for high quality gems and our qualified designer can draft any design that suits our client’s needs. Simply send us your enquiry via the Quick Contact Form and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

To keep a loved one close to your heart forever

Ever want to transform your beloved pet into a piece of jewellery which you can wear close to your heart? That’s what a lady received as a birthday gift, and she was moved to tears.

Make your dreams come true

We can start working on the print, photograph or handwriting that you may have on hand, and help you to create an exceptional piece of art for your own.

Giving a new birth to your jewellery

What a pity if a valued piece of jewellery becomes passé! We can help to imbue new soul to it and make it as fresh as a daisy.

Relive your good old memories

Have a treasured jewellery you can’t wear often enough? Bring it to us to make it shine again!

We provide jewellery redesign services, making it possible to turn your old jewellery pieces into something more fashionable and good as new!

Make your ideas come true